When I first moved to Switzerland I found there to be a lack of information concerning many areas of day-to-day living especially for the English-speaking community.
Despite being able to speak French on arrival, I found the Swiss health insurance system particularly difficult to get my head around. Being a Brit, I’d never had to worry about this kind of thing.

I didn’t work in insurance in the UK and if I’m honest, never imagined myself working in this sector. However, a chance meeting with an old friend in early 2006 turned out to be a turning point in my life. He had his own brokerage company and explained the ins and outs of the health insurance system to me. Though I was sure I’d done “extensive” research on the internet and had no problem with the language, I was surprised at how much I’d missed. It made me wonder how many people move to Switzerland, maybe don’t yet speak one of the national languages and have this maze to get through? How many feel like I did when I first got here?

After working for various brokerage companies, I decided to go it alone in 2009 and set up Inswift Sàrl whose primary concern is serving the expat community in Switzerland. Currently, 90% of our clientele are non-Swiss English-speakers.

Our aim is to get as much information on to our website as possible with regards to Swiss insurances and we hope it will become a reference for us English speakers here in Switzerland.

All our staff speak English and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

Jenny Goodwin Managing Director

Jenny Goodwin
Managing Director