Legal insurance

Legal insurance

Protect your rights as a private person and a road-user

Legal insurance

Legal insurance protects you against any financial consequences arising from legal disputes. This can include the payment of legal advice or assistance, or the payment of legal fees incurred as a result of going to court. There are two main types of legal protection insurance.

Private legal insurance

This insurance can cover you:

  • As a tenant: e.g. if your landlord increases your rent without notice or justification.
  • As an employee: e.g. against unfair dismissal or against bullying at work
  • As a homeowner: e.g. when a neighbour does not respect the boundaries of your property or your tenant is refusing to pay rent
  • As an internet user: e.g. unauthorised persons use your internet domain
  • As a user of contractual law: e.g. there is a problem with a company with which you have a contract (e.g. a phone contract)

There are other areas in which private legal insurance can help:

  • As a medical patient
  • Against bullying
  • Insurance law
  • Inheritance
  • Tax law
  • Renting a property outside of Switzerland

Road-user legal insurance

This insurance covers you for:

  • vehicle contract law,
  • insurance law,
  • property law,
  • criminal law,
  • as well as confiscation of a driver’s license, including if it has been wrongly confiscated.

Cover will generally be up to 300,000 or 500,000CHF, depending on the insurance provider. Some providers offer a free choice of lawyer, while others require you to choose from an established network.

Road-user insurance will not cover you for any fines you accrue or if you have violated Swiss traffic law, for example, if you have illegally stopped or parked.

Please note: There are often waiting periods for all forms of legal insurance, so it is advisable to check the terms and conditions for each provider.

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