Getting Started

Getting Started

Setting up your coverage

We can’t take away the stress of transitioning to a new country, but we can help you make the best cost-effective insurance choices so that you’ll be comprehensively covered and ready for anything, including enjoying your new life in Switzerland.

Everyone who lives in Switzerland is required by law to have health insurance, no matter their age or employment status.

Before you can go ahead and organise insurance, you must first register with your local commune or “Gemeinde” (municipality office). You have fourteen days in which to do this, and must present official documents such as your work contract, passports, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, and any other documents as required by your local area. Once you are successfully registered you will be issued a resident permit, which confirms your status as an official resident.

In order to obtain health insurance, you must be able to present your resident permit to an insurance provider as proof of residence. Your permit also shows the date of your arrival, which is important information as you have three months from this date in which to organise your insurance. It’s important to note that you will still be required to pay for this initial three month period regardless of whether or not you wait the three full months to sign up.

It is advisable to consider taking out other types of insurance soon after your arrival, such as liability insurance, which is often a prerequisite for renting an apartment or house.

We can advise you on all aspects of choosing coverage that will be the best fit for your budget and lifestyle, including premiums, basic and supplementary insurance, deductibles, and the different levels of in-patient insurance.

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